The wildland urban interface (WUI) is an area where human made structures and infrastructure are adjacent to areas prone to wildfire.

Message from Missoula Rural Fire District Deputy Fire Marshall Pete Giardino

Keep driveways clear of branches and other obstacles.

Fire engines need clearance of 13.5' high and 16' wide for access.


A message from retired city firefighter and FOGC board member, John Langstaff:

It is gratifying to see all the brush piles and thinning along our rights-of-way this spring. Tendrils of spring-burning smoke spiraling up throughout our neighborhood let our neighbors and friends know we are taking steps to become a fire-adapted community.

All homeowners can benefit from a wildfire risk evaluation of their home and its immediate surroundings. 

  • 50/50 grants are available through Missoula County which can help pay thinning/limbing crews who will reduce the fire hazard near homes (for those with larger forested lots).

  • To schedule a free visit by a fire specialist for advice on protecting your property, contact Missoula County Wildfire Preparedness Coordinator Max Rebholz: 406-258-3633 or




The Missoula Ranger District on the Lolo National Forest has a Wildfire Adapted Missoula (WAM) project that surrounds the communities of Missoula, Lolo, East Missoula, Bonner, Clinton, and Turah (approx. 158,725 acres of National Forest System lands).  For information about the WAM project including story map, proposed treatment descriptions, and maps, refer to the following websites:

WAM Story Map and Your Involvement

NEPA Projects webpage

WAM Project Scoping Letter

WAM Treatment Conditions


For more information, please contact the Missoula Ranger District at (406) 329-3750.  Because most staff are not working in the office at this time, the front desk staff will pass any inquiries that they cannot address to the appropriate team member(s).


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