Any changes to the zoning map, or rezonings, require a public review and approval process.

This is your opportunity to ensure Grant Creek is developed responsibly and as planned. If the rezone application is approved, the public no longer has a voice in future development.


  • Stay informed through the FOGC website and resources provided here.

  • FOGC will let members know when the public process begins, when the rezoning application is scheduled to be before the Land Use & Planning Committee and when City Council convenes for a discussion and decision on the rezone application.



  • Familiarize yourself with the process and understand how rezoning decisions are guided

Code of Ordinances - Zoning - Residential Districts

Zoning Amendments - G. Review Criteria

Missoula Growth Policy

Grant Creek Area Plan 

Long Range Transportation Plan

Climate Ready Missoula Plan 

Grant Creek Neighborhood Resources


  • Sign the FOGC Petition to support the existing zoning. Please include a personal comment. Each voting member of a household can sign and comment on a petition.

  • Print, fill out FOGC Petition and mail to Friends of Grant Creek, PO Box 16358, Missoula, MT 59808

  • Sign the online ipetition (If you have already signed a petition, you do not need to also sign the ipetition unless you would like to add comments.)



Write a letter/email each city council member, Missoula Development Services and Mayor Engen, and submit comments on the Engage Missoula* website.

       Mayor John Engen                                       Missoula City Council
       435 Ryman                                                  435 Ryman
       Missoula, MT 59802                                    Missoula, MT 59802

Bryan von Lossberg - Ward 1

Heidi West - Ward 1 


Jordan Hess – Ward 2 (Grant Creek)        

Mirtha Becerra - Ward 2 (Grant Creek)


Heather Harp - Ward 3                              

Gwen Jones - Ward 3


Amber Sherrill - Ward 4                             

Jesse L. Ramos - Ward 4


Stacie M. Anderson - Ward 5                    

John Contos - Ward 5


Sandra Vasecka - Ward 6                         

Julie Merritt - Ward 6

Dave DeGrandpre

Development Services Planning Supervisor

435 Ryman

Missoula, MT 59802


*Engage Missoula is a new City of Missoula website that allows users to submit comments that the planners, planning board members and city councilors can evaluate for common themes. Information about the 2920 Expo Pkwy Rezone project has been recently posted, so people can weigh in.



Consolidated Planning Board meetings

Land Use & Planning Committee meetings

City Council meetings

*Prepare your written or oral comments. This is the time to voice your opinion about the proposed rezoning. After a property is rezoned, there is no opportunity for public participation, and it will not go back to city council, as all future development of that property is handled administratively.

What do you value?
How does the existing zoning benefit the area?
How would the rezoning and proposed development adversely affect the area?
Refer to the approved city policies and plans as support for your position!

Send mail/email to each city councilor individually for greater impact.