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Welcome to Friends of Grant Creek

MT Yellowflag Iris.jpg

Yellowflag Iris,

an invasive plant,

has been found in Grant Creek.

"Since 2002, the Montana Department of Agriculture has listed it as a noxious weed. Populations form large, dense monotypic stands, outcompeting other plants."

Montana Field Guide - Yellowflag Iris

MT Yellowflag Iris Plant.jpg

If you see any Yellowflag Iris plants along Grant Creek, please take a photo and email Bert Lindler.

Missoula County Weed District will be notified.

Let's rid our beautiful neighborhood creek of this invader before it takes over!

FOGC Fire Risk Assessment Task Force

Wildfire History in the Grant Creek Area (1970-2021)

Grant Creek StoryMap - by Seamus Land


"The story of American expansion is dominated by a heavy-handed Western culture, both on the pages of history and legible through the impacts on the landscape. This story is present in many places and ways in Missoula, Montana, and it can be seen clearly throughout what today is called the Grant Creek watershed."

Have you signed up for Smart 911?

Do it now, and join all the smart people!

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