Welcome to Friends of Grant Creek

February 23, 2021 Meeting Recording

Thank you to those who participated in Tuesday's meeting regarding development at 2920 Expo Pkwy.

This meeting was recorded for those who were unable to attend:

Friends of Grant Creek - General Meeting - with Ken Ault Presenting

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March 2, 2021 FOGC General Membership Meeting

7 pm - Preregistration Required


Friends of Grant Creek,

Thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday night's meeting with builder Ken Ault and his development team.

We learned that the proposal he's planning to submit for rezoning would provide 700 dwelling units for both the north and south parcels, a significant reduction from last year's proposal (but more than the 503 dwelling units permitted under the existing zoning).  The project would include four-story apartments (not permitted under the existing zoning), but would also include a buffer of owner-occupied townhouses and condominiums on the northern boundary.

We will meet by Zoom at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 2 to discuss the latest proposal and other matters of importance to Grant Creek.

Preregistration for the March 2nd 7pm-8pm FOGC General Meeting is required at:


IMPORTANT: Once you preregister before the March 2nd meeting, you'll receive a Confirmation Email with an access link to the meeting specific to your email address used when preregistering.  Please follow instructions in that email and do not share that access link as it may prevent your access to the meeting (for security and privacy reasons)!

If you have issues with preregistering or accessing your link for the March 2nd meeting, please send an email to either Kevin Davis kevin@bigskycommerce.com or Bert Lindler blindler@montana.com 

Looking forward to seeing you March 2 and working for the best possible future for the residents of Grant Creek.

Grant Creek Rd. - August 15, 10:55 am

Friends of Grant Creek