Welcome to Friends of Grant Creek

February 23, 2021 Meeting Recording

Thank you to those who participated in Tuesday's meeting regarding development at 2920 Expo Pkwy.

This meeting was recorded for those who were unable to attend:

Friends of Grant Creek - General Meeting - with Ken Ault Presenting

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March 2, 2021 FOGC General Membership Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the Tuesday, March 2 meeting.

Meeting topics:

Grant Creek Wildfire Task Force

Ravine Trailhead Overflow Parking

2920 Expo Pkwy Development

There have been requests for the City of Missoula Development Services Power Point slides that were used as reference for the 2920 Expo Pkwy discussion.  You can find them here.

Grant Creek Rd. - August 15, 10:55 am

Friends of Grant Creek